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Thursday, 18th of March 2010 at 08:00

That’s It: We’re Off!

Geneva / Hanoi - We are coming!

We are now committed to the adventure of our lives. After almost 3 years of preparation it was time at last to put our feet to the pedals, staggering under the weight of our baggage, but nevertheless very liberating. Moving from dream to reality. Or from reality to dream? We feel just like we did on our wedding day right now. A mixture of excitement, anguish, joy, doubt and detachment. Sensitive to the slightest little thing. It will probably be this traveller’s sensitivity that will sharpen our senses to avoid mishaps along the way, and especially to make us receptive to those encounters and special moments of happiness that lie ahead.

We are often asked about our fears for the trip. It is probably difficult for most people to put themselves in our place and they no doubt conjur up every possible disaster scenario. It’s impossible not to. Yes, we have concerns. But the force pushing us forward is stronger. Our previous experience and preparation give us comfort. In our medical profession we realized that you don’t need to go very far to fall victim to any kind of misfortune. But above all we are setting off with a conviction. The conviction that we can realize our dream, that we have been given the chance to choose the life we wish and that we have taken it. We are holding it firmly in our hands.

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