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What is… What they did for us
City of Geneva With the support of the City of Geneva – Department for Social Cohesion, Youth and Sports.

Ray SA – ventilated facades A reliable partner you can count on for your future. A big thank you for the sponsoring of Sandra’s bike.
M5 Recumbent Bikes – Makes Many More Marvellous Miles Many thanks to Jean-Pierre Henon at M5 France and to Bram Moens at M5 in Holland for their participation for the bikes, their precious advises and for the customer service they will provide to us during the trip.
Vitelli Velobedarf -You will find everything for the bike from A to Z! Sir Jörg Vitelli offered us a substantial sponsoring rebate on the trailers and on his catalogue!
Mai-Style : Cool hand- and swiss-made wool caps which will keep your head warm and you can personalize as you wish. Our caps are light, warm, unique, look great. What do we want more?
Caroline Farinelli at Graines d’Enfance – Consultant for Baby Sling Carrying Caroline offered us her carrying lesson and opened new perspectives for Ella!